Countries Where We
Assist Native Ministries


In most of the countries in the difficult mission field of Eurasia, evangelical believers comprise less than 1 percent of the population. Indigenous, pioneer missionaries travel far distances in these countries to bring the message of Christ to isolated, unreached people groups.

Some of the challenges of missionary work in this region include depressed economies and poor infrastructures, vast distances between rural communities, rough terrain, and political, cultural, and religious ideologies that are closed and hostile to the gospel message.

An indigenous ministry in the closed, landlocked country of Kyrgyzstan is meeting people’s felt needs while sharing the hope of Christ. Ministry workers provided food to poor, mountain communities where many Kyrgyz lost their livelihoods due to COVID-19 lockdowns. The Kyrgyz are nearly 100 percent Muslim; however, ministry workers have already planted several churches among them.  

Native missionaries in Russia are reaching nomadic reindeer herders who live near the Arctic Circle in an area translated in their language as “the ends of the earth,” along with several other unreached people groups who are isolated or marginalized like the gypsies. Missionaries are making inroads into their communities through programs for children and youth and by helping to meet their needs for food, medicine, and clothing.

How You Can Make a Difference

Thanks to dedicated indigenous missionaries, the gospel is taking root among the ethnic minorities in Eurasia, but they need help to reach the remote communities where these minorities live to disciple and train them in God’s Word. You can supply them with vital resources for transportation and living expenses, along with Bibles and training materials.

Ways To Give

Evangelism & Discipleship

Indigenous ministries in Russia and Kyrgyzstan, some of the world’s most gospel-resistant countries, are effectively sharing the hope of Christ and planting churches among the region’s ethnic minorities. Your support will equip them with the tools they need to expand their outreaches, like the costs of transportation to and from remote villages and a snowmobile to transport missionaries to an unreached people group living near the Arctic Circle. Your gift will also be used toward the training and living expenses of native missionaries in Eurasia as well as helping a ministry in Kyrgyzstan, where the evangelical population is less than 1 percent, to start a youth sports program as a platform to share the gospel.

Community Engagement

An indigenous ministry in Russia is working among an isolated, unreached people group near the Arctic Circle that is plagued by alcoholism, spirit worship, and a high rate of suicide. They request assistance for outreach among the children and youth of this group, including summer camps. Missionaries are also working among the children of ethnic minorities in other regions of the country, including Chechnya. In Kyrgyzstan, an indigenous ministry would like to provide medical aid to a poor community and support its drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, which includes completing construction on an automobile repair shop to provide gainful employment to former addicts who finish the program.


COVID-19 lockdowns nearly crushed poor mountain communities in Kyrgyzstan already struggling to survive. Many lost their livelihoods during the lockdowns and saw skyrocketing food prices due to border closures. An indigenous ministry provided several of these struggling families with food packages and requests help to continue and expand this work to include aid for 100 families. In Russia, indigenous missionaries ask for assistance to provide food and clothing to an unreached people group near the Arctic Circle.

Exclusive Stories from the Mission Field

Help Plant Gospel Seeds in Kyrgyzstan

In the central Asian country that is 0.30 percent evangelical Christian, children have experienced the love of Christ. Local missionaries started working in a new village where kids received gift boxes and heard the gospel for the first time – as did their parents.

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Help Spread the Good News in Kyrgyzstan

Local missionaries sponsor various camps for youths that exert a powerful influence on young lives. Muslim parents allow their children to attend such camps, as they see the godly values they learn and how much they enjoy them even as they learn about Christ.

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Gospel Reaches Gloomy Corners of Kyrgyzstan

At a Christian youth camp with distant views of snow-capped mountains in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, nearly 50 nervous children were having a hard time warming up to each other. At more than 5,200 feet above sea level, the camp center was warmer in July than during most of the year, but the kids ages 10 to 14 had arrived cold with gloom about how they were going to get through the week surrounded by strangers. “On the first day when the kids arrived, they were very closed and dissatisfied,” the leader of the native ministry said.

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